O Nion Restaurant

O Nion Restaurant’s design is well taken care in every detail to ensure your dining experience is perfect and fulfilled.

O Nion Restaurant’s design is well taken care in every detail to ensure your dining experience is perfect and fulfilled.

The O Nion restaurant serves buffet breakfast from 6:30 am to 10 am daily that brings an exciting energy for a new day. The restaurant will also serve lunch and dinner with Western-Asian A la Carte menu.


Breakfast: 06:30 – 10:00
Menu: International Buffet

Lunch: 11:00 – 14:00
Menu: A La Carte

Dinner: 18:00 – 22:00
Menu: A La Carte


Crab meat and asparagus soup
Súp cua măng tây
Crab meat, asparagus and eggs
VND 69.000
Chicken with corn and cream soup
Súp kem gà
Creamy corn, chicken soup with fresh shiitake mushroom and eggs
VND 69.000
Sweet and sour seafood soup
Súp hải sản chua cay
Green bell pepper, red bell pepper, mushroom, onion, eggs and seafood
VND 79.000
Beansprout beef salad
Sa lát cải mầm thịt bò
Beansprout, carrot, cucumber, beef in sweet and sour sauce
VND 89.000

Green mango with seafood salad
Sa lát xoài hải sản
Marinated green mango, carrot, cucumber, herb, coriander, prawn, squid in sweet and sour sauce
VND 95.000
Deep fried Ha Noi spring rolls (6pcs)
Nem rán Hà Nội (6 cái)
Minced Pork, onion, carrot, dried noodles, mushroom
VND 90.000
Fresh spring rolls (6pcs) meat/veg
 Nem tươi cuốn tôm thịt (6 cái)
Rice paper roll with fresh rice vermicelli, Prawn, pork, carrot, cucumber, herb, coriander, served with dipping sauce and pickles
VND 90.000



Grilled chopped fish
Chả cá Hà Nội
Marinated fish, dill, onion, chili, peanut
VND 145.000

Ha Noi “ Pho” beef or chicken
Phở gà/ Phở bò
Traditional Ha Noi rice noodle soup with beef or chicken with herbs, spring onion, coriander. Served with lime and fresh chili
VND 85.000
                 Traditional Vietnamese ‘’Bun Cha”
Bún chả
Grilled pork, served with rice vermicelli, Vietnamese dipping sauce, mixed lettuce
and herbs
VND 95.000
Fried rice
Cơm rang
Seafood/ chicken/ beef/vegetables
(Hải sản/gà/ bò/chay)
Served with soya sauce and pickles
   VND 95.000

Grilled pork ribs with honey
Sườn lợn nướng mật ong
Marinated pork ribs, honey, served with steamed rice.
VND 95.000

Grilled chicken with lemongrass and chili sauce.
Gà nướng sốt sả ớt lá chanh
Marinated Chicken’s leg, lemongrass and chili sauce, lemon leaves served with steamed rice.
VND 95.000
Beef “ luc lac” with black peper sauce.
Bò lúc lắc sốt tiêu đen
Beef, bell pepper, scallion, carrot, served with steamed rice.
VND 95.000



Creamy mushroom soup (meat/veg)
Súp kem nấm
Assorted mushroom and capes extra porcini mushroom,
Onion, cream, potatoes
VND 69.000
Creamy pumpkin soup (meat/veg)
Súp bí đỏ kem tươi
Pumpkin, cream, onion, carrot
VND 69.000

French onion soup
Súp hành kiểu Pháp
Onion, red wine, mozarella cheese   
VND 69.000

Fruits with prawns salad (meat/veg)
Sa lát  trái cây với tôm
Watermelon, dragon, green mango, prawns with special dressing
VND 85.000

Nicoise salad (meat/veg)
Salad cá ngừ
Tuna, romaine lettuce, green and black olive,
cherry tomatoes ,potato, onion with balsamic dressing
VND 85.000

Chicken Ceaser salad
Sa lát hoàng đế
Letture, cherry tomato, bacon, chicken, permesan cheese, with special sauce.
VND 85.000



Australian beef tenderloin (180 gr)
Thăn nội bò úc
Grilled beef tenderloin with sautéed vegetables. Served with mashed potato or french fried.
(sauce: pepper, mushroom, red wine)
VND 295.000

Grilled salmon with passion sauce (180 gr)
Cá hồi nướng sốt chanh leo
Salmon, passion sauce, sautéed vegetables. Served with mashed potato or french fried.
VND 285.000
Duck breast
Lườn vịt nướng sốt cam
Grilled duck breast, orange sauce. Served with vegetables, mashed potato or french fried                   
VND 169.000


Beef burger (meat/veg)
Ham- bơ- gơ bò
Burger with grilled beef tenderloin patties, cheese, letture, tomatoes,
sauteed onion and mayonnaise
VND 95.000
American sandwiches (meat/veg)
Toast, tomato, cucumber, letture, ham, cheese. Served with  french fried.
VND 69.000
Club sandwhiches (meat/veg)
Sandwhiches gà
Beef tenderloin & ham, cheese
letture, tomatoes, cucumber and egg, chicken.
VND 79.000
Tuna sandwiches (meat/veg)
Sandwiches cá ngừ
Tuna, tomatoes, cucumber, letture, bell pepper, onion.
VND 69.000

Mỳ Ý sốt tự chọn:
Sauce/ sốt: carbonara, bolognese, tomatoes
Sốt kem, sốt bò băm, sốt cà chua
VND 85.000



French fries
Khoai tây chiên
Deep- fried French fries with tomato ketchup
and mayonaise
VND 55.000

Onion ring
Hành tây tẩm bột chiên
Deep-fries crispy tempura onion, eggs, flour, served with ketchup and  mayonnaise
VND 55.000

Cheese sticks
Phô mai que
Deep-fried mozzarella sticks, eggs, flour, served with ketchup and mayonnaise
VND 65.000

Deep fried squid
Mực chiên
Marinated squid in flour and eggs, served with chili sauce and mayonnaise
VND 69.000



Seasonal fruits
Hoa quả theo mùa
A selection of fresh, seasonnal fruits
VND 59.000

Crème Bruleé
Kem cháy kiểu pháp
VND 69.000

Chocolate lava cake
Bánh sô- cô- la & kem vani
Moilten chocolate lava cake served with vanilla ice cream,
Strawberry and coconut crumble
VND 69.000

Ice cream (chocolate/ Vanilla/ coconut)
Kem  (sô- cô- la,  vani, dừa)
VND 55.000  (2 scoops/ 2 viên)